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                                              About the company.

"Florence"-a territory of the creation,a territory of changes.We know how the modern and stylish wall and ceiling design look like.We provide a wide spectrum of service,take on orders for the development of design projects inside and outside.we manufacture and realize an installation and painting of mouldings and do other works.

Your house needs changes as well as your life in general does!Believe that the moulding wall decoration is the simplest way of providing a cardinal transformation of your house!The gypsum moulding has won a place of honor among the modern methods of processing and decoration of walls and ceilings quite long ago.And don't think this decoration does not fit to any case.Far from it.

We are distroying a stereotypes that the moulding fits for the stately palaces only.We are changing views on what an interior design should be.Our experts create original flat and privat houses decoration.Believe that pillars,cornices,fireplaces and other gypsum works look quite perfect.In addition it is impossible to overlook the advantage of a gypsum moulding wall design.

Stylish when it's safe.Almost every day new wall decoration methods appear.But being save is never out of fasion.Gypsym moulding is ecologicaly safe,does not evolve toxic substances like poleurithane or plastic foam.it's temperature resistant,does not shrink and has been staying stout for many years.Compound elements from this material create an inimitable design.

We are "moulding" our customers' mood.The most usual wall can turn into something extraordinary.Our experts will create and realize a project of any complexety,appropriation and stylistic for the most exacting customers.

Customers'require is our driving force.Architects,builders,designers,etc.are working for the satisfaction of the customers' require.Our experts will fix works quickly and professionaly.

We keep being updated,because each work is something new.The awereness of new design trends,trying to be perfect in a work,paying attention to details together with the high quality decoration materials of the best world manufacturers will create an interior that completely satisfy your expectations.

Customers' requires satisfaction is our best salary.

You don't know what wall or ceiling decoration to choose.What decorate the interior with or how to change it cardinaly?Apply to us!We have got the answers for all your questions.

Are you still doughting to who you should confide a decoration of an apartment?Call us urgently and a gypsum moulding will become a safe decoration of your house interior!




Rivnenska, st. 15


Volyn region.

e-mail: omelchykoleksandr@gmail.com


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