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How does the modern wall decoration look like?How to design walls in a living room or how to create an elegant ceiling design.A team of professionals in a company "Florence" knows how to answer all these questions.A firm produces a gypsum moulding,works out its design and assamblage.A company is aware of all subtleties in a work with this wall and ceiling decoration method.
Using the different elements due to a great professionalism of masters the elegant interior solutions are realized.
A company can offer a broad catalogue of a gypsum moulding,different variants of ornamental wall and ceiling decorating.Besides, "Florence" company customizes a moulding manufacturing individually.
Placing an order for a wall or ceiling decoration by the gypsum moulding,you take a lot of advantages.All the fabrics are ecologically safe and have a good clearness of a picture.Besides each of a work is inimitable what is missing nowadays.

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