Decorative stone made of gypsum

We offer to buy the decorative stone made of gypsum for an interior and exterior decoration of the apartment of any architectural style.A great choice of the textures and colors for you and also forms and sizes as well.
Gypsum not only allows to create the beautiful designer's solutions,but also it is a natural,eco-friendly building material determined by its lightness and solidness.Does not evolve the harmful substances and does not absorb a dirt,so it is safe and practical.

We can assemble the decorative gypsum stone on any surfaces:on concrete,brick and plastered walls,on foam block,metal and wooden constructions.We use a special concrete -sand glue solution.
A wall decorated with the gypsum stone from this rubric will look stylish,original and elegant!It will be durable,water and fire resistant.During the whole exploitation term the gypsum stone does not need any extra treatment or an extra painting.
Contact us!The details about the price,terms of production and the answers on the questions you are interested concerning the decorative stone made of gypsum you can receive on the phone number.
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