Gypsum balusters

We call to your attention the decorative gypsum balusters-the small pillars for the stairs creation made with a help of earlier prepared forms.In spite of the other gypsum articles,balusters have an aesthetic and functional assignation as well.Articles represented in this rubric form the stairs and are used as the junctions between floors.But first of all gypsum balusters provide with a beauty and unusual atmosphere.they can be harmoniously combined with other interior elements,often become an accent solution outlining an elegance of the chosen apartment design style. You can order the gypsum balusters from a catalogue or an individual project as well for the decoration of balconies,terraces,garden foot-bridges,pergolas,banisters on the wharf.They look excellent in the architectural ensemble of the administrative and private buildings.Balusters are safe and convenient in an exploitation and determined to be a decoration for a long time. Contact us!We will work out an original design,produce and assemble it as swift as possible.An own production allows us give a lower price for the whole set of service in producing of the gypsum balusters.A quality,beauty and availability-are just to your service!
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