Gypsum painting

We call to your attention the gypsum toys in a great assortment:Cats,Squirrels,Butterflies,Lions,Speep,Cows,Dragonflies,Donkeys,Dolphins...There are as the usual animals,as the cartoon and fiction charecters as well,transport imaginary and heavenly bodies.One can choose a toy the kid would like the best.

Gypsum figurines for painting allow a kid to feel like a real artist,you will keep him interested an develop his artistic abilities.Gypsum toys of favourite characters give a great opportunity to show one's talant and to develop an imagination.
With your prompting and support you can help a kid to distinguish forms,eg.g.eyes or bandage.Help but don't insist,let your little artist to make a decision himself.
First of all you should clear out what color will fit to this or that detail and so on.
Get acquaintance with an assortment of gypsum toys with your kid and place an order.Buy the useful developing toys,safe for the health (gypsum does not cause an allergy)!Contact us!
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