Gypsum mirror frames (mirrors)

If you want to decorate a mirror originaly and unusually,choose the best variant-gypsum mirror frames.They fill in the home interior with an elegance,and you want to admire yourself feeling like a king or a queen.
We produce different mirror frames ,there is no limits of our masters' imagination.Ractangle,oval or other forms and configurations,variable ornaments outlining a chosen interior style.As to the color,the white classical variant as well as silver plating,gilding,bronzing,an imitarion of the metal and even a stone ,the marble in particular, are possible.One can use a special coating creating an imitation of an ancient thing with cracks .
An exploitation term of this frame is unlimited due to the special technology in an especially eqiupped workshop.
Order the gypsum mirror frames ,a sign of your good taste,in our architectural workshop.Contact us we guarantee high quality and a reasonable price.
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