Gypsum mouldings

We call to your attentionthe gypsum mouldings at a very attractive price in assortment.The usage of them will help to vary the wall and ceilings palette and to find an unusual solution for the common flatnesses.
There is a huge assortment of the mouldings allowing to create the most inimitable interiors.By means of them,the house interior is been filling with a beauty and a possitive energy and an exterior looks great and noble.
All the moulding production is being made with our specialists and processed with the special substsnces.They protect a moulding from the external factors:neither moisture from the rain,nor cold ,nor a sunlight burning are effecting them.Your new decoration will be safe!
A piece of advise:buy the mouldings according to the style of the window (a material and color should coincide)
Do you want to change the apartment cardinally?Choose the plasting and profile mouldings(droughts)and the angular decorative elements as well! We'll make a needed quantity of the qualitative decoration and assemble if needed.You will be surprised by the price and the efficiency of the order discharging.Contact us!
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