Gypsum fireplaces

Do you want to buy a gypsum portal for the fireplace?This catalogue rubric is for you!
Applying a classical gypsum portal to the interior of any style,one can do it more vivid and rich.
In a rubric there are the most popular models of the fireplace portals are represented.
Here you can choose any color to your liking:white,golden,silver,chrome,with an effect of antiquity etc.To tone in any color or to coat with an acrylic,water emulsive paint is possible as well.
All the portals made of gypsum are eco-friendly and create a comfortable for the human microclimate.among the advantages there are:absorbing of the moisture exces,class A fire resistance(absolutely uninflammable),effective absorbtion of the acoustic waves providing an extra sound insolation.

A decoration of the fireplace portals with consoles,pillars,cornices,rosettes and other decorative elements is also possible.

Contact us and order the gypsum portal for the fireplace.We guarantee a high quality,a swift execution ,an elegant look and a reasonable available price as well.
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