Gypsum cornices

Ceiling gypsum cornices have got a new circle of popularity.The modern interior designers use a technique imitating an antiquity including the moulding decorations,preferably made of the gypsum.And cornices take a special plac among the other items.

Be updated and choose the cornices for your home from our catalogue.Smooth and easy to produce or relief and determined by the elegance and artistic forms,narrow and wide,in a classic an a modern style or in a modern designer's execution.
A ceiling cornice can be integral or collapsible,decorative or with an illumination,accomplished by the other additional elements like gilding or inventory.The imagory of the different geometric ,heraldic,floral elements,ringlets,emblems or blazons,laurel branches or garlands,fruits and vegetables...A painting imitating the
wood,marble,bronze or any other color is not a problem.You can guaranteed choose the most suitable variant.
Create a unique style of your home,order the qualitative and non expensive original and beautiful at the same time,gypsum cornices for the ceiling.We'll start discharging your order immidiately!
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