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Gypsum pictures from this catalogue will be estimated by the real experts of the interior news.Yes,these works are again on the top of popularity.they say,a new is a well forgotten old.That's why choose a picture to your taste for your house.You can buy it for the present and gain.
We call to your attention refined gypsum pictures of different form and size.There are architectural buildings,depicting of the nature,Egyptian bas-reliefs in assortment.A special place is for gypsum icons,the whole bible plots -white,imitating metal or wood.

The best gypsum is used for the creation,it is dried applying a special technology.It will not shrink and is thermal resistant.
We are waiting for your orders for the producing of original and exclusive gypsum pictures .A high quality of each item is guaranteed as well as the worth of your attention prices.Our masters are working for you properly.Contact us!
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