Consoles made of gypsum

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Gypsum consoles are the decorative elements for the decoration of the pillars,cornices,walls and ceiling decoration,as the holders for shelves and stays for the books and they fulfill not only an aesthetic function but also a constructive one.All the written above is actual just in case when the professinals like our skilled workers execute the orders.
Our gypsum consoles fit to the modern interiors and are suitable to different types of apartment.To think twice,one can create a nice moulding decoration even for the small flat.

You can order the unstandard ,original and exclusive gypsum consoles here for the creation of the cosy and harmonious interior.Be sure their will be of a perfect quality.Due to a special solidity of the material,the cracks will not occur even with a big loading.Consoles will serve not only dozens of years but the whole centuries.

Our architectural workshop is always to your service!Order the gypsum consoles from the catalogue or according to the individual project and we will produce and /or deliver an order as soon as possible.
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