Gypsum set rosettes

Set rosettes made of gypsum is used for the decoration of the central part of the ceiling composition,a space around the ceiling chandelier or a sconce.
In this rubric of a catalogue there are variable rosettes according to a style and form,and the usage of the element ornament(flower, floral,abstract etc)The customized order is possible.
If you don’t like a white monotony of the work,you can paint it in any other color,including an inventory,gold plating,imitation of metal,marble and other materials.Different kinds of paint and painting styles are chosen individually.
Having chosen the gypsum rosettes or your home,you can be sure,that the decoration made by the designer is eco-friendly,exclusive,durative,and won’t loose a precise pattern in a course of time.This moulding decoration is out of style and time.
Contact us and make order right now:the quicker you have ordered,the more time you have to admire the beauty of the gypsum rosettes in your home.Choose an elegance,originality and style to decorate your interior!
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