Gypsum portals

Decorative gypsum works,portals in particular - is that ,for sure,you have been looking for to your home want to add some zest in it,do not you?Than the gypsum portals is what you need!
In this rubric there is a moulding decoration for usage in the apartments of diferent styles.
A special attention should be paid to portals in the Ancient Greek style.They express the power and might of the ancient state.An imagery of the ancient gods and atlases will bring a special tint in a general design.
Not less interesting are the classic portals in the architectural styles of Empire and high-tech.Strict and laconic ,with no extras or rich with different ornaments - choose those,to your mind,that will become the best accomplishment to your modern house.

Gypsum portals can be used for the decoration of doors,arcs,fireplaces.There is a possibility to combine it from the decorative elements like pilasters,brackets,rosettes and so on.

We offer you to realize the boldest and the most original interior ideas with a help of decorative gypsum works.Only this material will allow to create the most complicated details with the 3D deep relief.Use this extraordinary opportunity!
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