Gypsum rosettes

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Gypsum rosettes for the ceiling of the most unusual designs in a great assortment!

Nowadays everyone can decorate one's apartment with gypsum rosettes.The times when only the authorities could buy such a decoration have past.But the atmosphere of luxury and a taste of the high society has been left.
We represent you variable decorative rosettes made of gypsum determined by the exactness of forms and pattern,the unique designer's solutions (all the projects are our masters' works of authorship) and also durability and solidity.
When you have chosen a model,we represent to you the different kinds of painting including an inventory,gilding,an imitation of metal,marble and other materials.
If you order an assembling service,we'll not only decorate a central part o the plafond,but also conceal the assembling hooks of the illumination.
Choosing the rosettes take into the consideration the style of an apartment,an area of a room and a height of the ceilings:a size of the rosettes can be enlarged proportionaly to those sizes.
Place an order!An individual solution and a reasonable price are guaranteed!
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