Figurines made of gypsum

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Our proposal for you - Figurines made of gypsum in a variety.
We call to your attention the gypsum figurines for the house and garden to any taste:people,gods,animals,fiction characters,angels...Different according to the height,breadth and weight etc.They will make a design vivid and variable.We represent the floor figurines and and that so you can stand them on the bedside furniture,shelves etc and also figurines for a garden or a yard.
We can create plenty of models.That's why we'll help to choose an ideal variant to any design.

We use only the best moulding that makes a statuette solid ,safe and durable.Such an item will not harm a human's health a gypsum is completely safe and non allergic.You'll got a lot of possitive emotions.

Choose the gypsum figurines for yourselves and as a present-you'll gain.because you have a good opportunity to buy at a reasonable price the figurines from this rubric.Place your orders!
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